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Here are a few of Jan’s original musicals available for your theatrical group. Designed for young audiences, they run approximately 50 minutes – just right for those new to live theater experience and perfect for schools, camps and small touring companies. Materials include full script, music, lyrics and a basic piano arrangement. Performance rights, schedules, and fees available by request.

Cinderella – A Shoe Musical!  
Bill Wheeler (Book) and Jan Callner (Music and Lyrics)
A classic with a few unexpected “twists” guaranteed to surprise and perhaps even delight. Singing stepsisters, their uncharming mother, purple pumpkins, a mischievous Fairy Godmother, and a Prince with an eye for a mysterious beauty.  “If the Shoe Fits, Wear It,” because they’re “Having A Ball!”

10 actors Plus Chorus
Characters:  Page Page, Repulsa, Nausea, Gagatha, Cinderella, Prince Prince, Fairy Godmother, Queen, King, Father
Songs: We’re So Beautiful – A Pinch of Sunshine – Dancing – We’re Having a Ball – I’ve Never Danced Before -If The Shoe Fits Wear It –We’re Having a Ball Reprise    

Jack and His Beanstalk  
Bill Wheeler (Book) and Jan Callner (Music and Lyrics) Jack’s story is always Jack’s story, but this one has a slightly different cast of characters. He still has to sell the cow, he bargains for beans – magic beans. But he runs into Jill who’s looking for a completely different Jack, and his neighbors, Jack and Fanny Spratt, are new to the neighborhood. Our Jack climbs through the clouds and comes face to ankle with The Giant. He’s cranky (the Giant is) but soothes himself by listening to his Singing Harp and his joke-telling, golden egg-laying hen.  
 Meanwhile, Jack’s mom sings about all the other Jacks in Fairy Tale Land who also got in trouble. The town and all inhabitants on the ground and in the clouds are in a tizzy. The screechy Harp’s song is offset by the gentle ballad “Best Buddy” and everyone sings “Fee Fie Foe Fum” for the finale!

11 Actors
Characters; Mom, Jack, Jack Spratt, Fanny Spratt, Jill, Witch, Giant, Bean Man, Hen, Singing Harp, Penelope the Cow  (The cow and harp can double, the Bean Man and the Hen can double.)
Songs: You Started It – Best Buddy – Beans For Sale  – Best Buddy Reprise  -Magic – Jack Come Back – Harpy’s Song – Best Buddy 2nd Reprise – Fee Fie Foe Fum

Jan Callner (Book) and Michael Calderwood (Music and Lyrics)
Boy Meets Girl.  Boy finds Magic Lamp.  Boy Meets Genie. Boy, is this a wonderful tale of adventure and magic. Colorful streets, mysterious bazaars, opulent palaces, and a built in magic carpet ride! What more can we ask?
 8 actors playing 11 characters
Characters:  Aladdin, Princess Layla, The Evil Magician, The Genie of the Lamp, The Sultan/Litter Bearer One, Mother/Genie of the Pot (Sheherazade), Kasheem, Little Genie/Litter Bearer Two. 
Characters can be doubled for a smaller cast, or, if a larger cast is preferred, doubling is not necessary.   
Songs:  A Thousand and One Arabian Nights  – A Plan -The Streets of Baghdad – Maybe Someday – Genie’s My Name  A Magic Carpet Ride – Finale

The Gingerbread Boy
Jan Callner (Book, Music and Lyrics)
Everybody loves the Gingerbread Boy – but for different reasons! This little character is hot stuff!  Kids just can’t get enough of this sweet and sassy tale of adventure and discovery.

6 Actors
Characters:  Gingerbread Boy, Husband, Wife, Nellie the Cow, A Horse, The Fox

Songs: This is the Story of the Gingerbread Boy! – A Little Lonely Gingerbread – Glad To Oblige – Look At What I’ve Done – I’m Riding! – I’d Run Away – The Golden Rule – Finale

Jan Callner (Book, Music and Lyrics)                     
The wonderful tale of John Chapman – now known as Johnny Appleseed – whose journey through many Eastern States planting apple trees became a part of American History.  He is often seen as a very early champion for conservation – and kindness.
7 – 30 Actors
Characters:  Johnny, Granny, Worm/Eustus, Woman I:  Delicious, Pioneer Wife, Mrs. Worth.  Man 1:  Rome, Caleb, Settler, Chief.  Man 2:  Crabbie, Husband, Ohio Roughneck, Settler.  Young Man:  Macintosh, David, Settler
Songs: The Apple Song – Ballad of Johnny Appleseed – Little Seed – Fourth of July – Chief’s Song – The Warning Legends and Folktales – Little Seed Reprise – Finale

STONE SOUP                                      
Jan Callner (Book, Music and Lyrics)
While finding their way home, three hungry soldiers stop in a small French village hoping to find some food.  At first, the townspeople are unwelcoming. One of the clever soldiers – a chef in his earlier life – begins to make “Stone Soup” using water from a stream. He encourages the townspeople to search for the perfect stone to add to the recipe.  Soon they begin to add other ingredients to make the soup more flavorful.  The result – a wonderful meal that everyone can share.  Trust, sharing and a full belly bring a happy ending.

Characters:  Madame DuLong, Nicole, her daughter, Henri, Henriette, Madame LeBlanc, Pierre, Patrice & Paoul, Stefan, Guillaume, Raoul 
Songs: Cloutier de Cloisonne – Soldiers Not by Trade – Soup Song – Picture of Papa – Walk with me Gently – Chocolate Almond – The Soldier Show

Bill Wheeler (Book) Jan Callner and Michael Calderwood (Music and Lyrics)                           
A delightful mashup of a couple of classic tales.  Great laughs as these packed-with-personality characters tackle challenges in their own unique style.  

8   Actors
Characters: Melvin A. Nobody, Lonely Wolf, Piggy Stickly, Piggy Brickman, Piggy Strawberry, Hungry Wolf, Little Red, Grandma
Songs: Bricks, Sticks, Straw – Woo, Woo, Woo, Wolf – Goodies – A Sneaky Plan – Unfair! – Finale

DINOKID:  A Mesozoic Musical 
Bill Wheeler (Book)  Jand Callner and Michael Calderwood (Music, additional Lyrics) 
Dinokid arrives with a lot of fanfare, but little knowledge of who he is.  Determined to find out “Who I Am” Dinokid soon meets and bonds with Susan and Perry, who become Dinokid’s protectors as they travel far to find the answers.  A fun, musical way for kids to learn about dinosaurs, friends and family.      
6 actors
Characters: Perry, a  Parasaurolophus , Susan, a Pterodactyl, Dinokid, unknown, T. Rex, Amazing Stegosaurus, A Wise Old Dinosaur
Songs: Who I Am – Mesozoic Meza – One Foot in Front of the Other – T. Rex One Foot Reprise – Lullaby – Susan and Perry – Absolutely Unique – One Foot Finale

This show was commissioned as a companion piece to a “Dinosaurs Alive” exhibit. 

HOPPERS AND ANTS                                         
Bill Wheeler (Book)  Jan Callner (Music and Lyrics)
Compassion and responsibility share the spotlight in this thoughtful story.
Cold and hungry, a homeless mother shares the tale of the Grasshopper and The Ant with her young child.
The characters approach the changing seasons in very different ways.  Focus and teamwork help the Ants prepare for the coming lean times.  The Hoppers prefer a more laid-back approach, figuring everything will be just fine.  
8 Actors
Characters: A homeless Mother and her child, Dennis Grasshopper, Hedda Grasshopper, island Grasshopper, Adamant, Defiant, Confidant
Songs: The End of Summer – The Ants March – Playing Around – Snowfall Conveyor Music – Thank You – Snowfall Dance – Survive – We Did It! – Survive Reprise

JOURNEY THE PAGES OF OZ                                   
Book, Music and Lyrics by Jan Callner and Michael Calderwood
Based on the classic book by L. Frank Baum,
This condensed musical retelling of the classic Wizard of Oz follows Dorothy on her Incredible Journey, where she encounters new friends that seem, somehow, familiar. Created for the New York is Book Country Festival to encourage reading.
7 Actors
Characters:  Dorothy, Scarecrow, Lion, Tin Man, Glinda, Oz, The Wicked Witch 
Songs: Incredible Journey – Brains – The Heart – Lion’s Song – Witch’s Song – Illusion – Home Again

This show was commissioned by Random House Books to promote their new edition of “The Wizard of Oz” illustrated by Charles Santore. 

THE BOY WHO CRIED ELVIS                       
Bill Wheeler (Book) and Michael Calderwood (Music and Lyrics)

“Everybody’s got a reason for doing what they do…” and what they do in The Boy Who Cried “Elvis!” is just pure fun.  Billy Wayne watches as his Mama and Aunt scour the tabloids for news on their beloved Elvis. For them, he isn’t gone, just layin’ low.  When Billy Wayne needs to get out of trouble fast, he comes up with a little story about a man in the donut shop.  This sends the sisters on their Mission.  Funny, touching and tunefully heartfelt, The Boy Who Cried “Elvis!” is great fun for everyone.

8+Actors (and musicians)
Characters:  Billy Wayne, Lurleen, Mayleen, Big Charlie, Fatty, Sueleen, Man in the Donut Shop, Euleena 

Songs: ACT I – The Mission – Needles and Pins  – Big Charlie – The Lie – I Wanna’ Marry a Man Like Elvis (and Live Happily Ever After) – Hueytown
ACT II – Fatty’s Half a Dozen – Get That Man to Talk  – (Sittin’ and Hopin’ and) Waitin’ For Elvis – Donut Full O’Lies – No One Will Believe It – Count the Stars – Finale

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