Jan Callner

I have been a singer, actress, composer, playwright, lyricist, producer, director, teacher, mother, wife, pianist, musical director, and writer.

The writer designation is the one I shall concentrate on for this part of my life. I enjoy writing non-fiction, mostly memoir because I have had such an interesting life. The first installment of said memoir is “Okay, God,” an homage to my father, a Sicilian immigrant who married my beautiful mother, served his adopted country, and tried to raise three daughters to the best of his amazing abilities.

I’m happy to report I think he “did good.”

I am thrilled that “Dear God” has been included in the newly-released anthology from Universal Table

Being One, Having One & What Goes In-Between

You can order the book from The Universal Table Bookstore

I’ve written and co-written more than twenty musicals for young audiences, including my award-winning Frog Prince and The Magic Fish which are fully recorded “radio-type” plays. I’ve traveled the world with music in rock bands and musical theater productions.

I’ve raised three talented and decent sons. I have five newer human beings as grandchildren.

All these extensive experiences become new again and provide me with continued inspiration for a creative life.

Career #13 ready to go!


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